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Welcome to Tux2live Project




Tux2live is toolkit to build your Linux live environment from what you installed in hard disk and it's easy to customize and configure.


StableStable version: Done forlots testing and bug fix, recommend for normal userTux@Sourceforge
TestingTesting version:Developing, testing versionTux@Sourceforge
PreviousHistory archiveTux@Sourceforge
ToolsRelated tools:Tools for integrade with Tux2live or other Live CD related toolsTux@Sourceforge

Recommend to uncompress the tarball file into the directory that have large space of partition

 $ tar xzvf  tux2live-x.x.x.tgz  -C /your/

Otherwise, you can setup "output" and "temp" directory via "--outputdir" and "--tmpdir" parameters during executing command. Please visit HelpManual for more detail manual page of parameters

 $ svn export tux2live

System required package

You can run ./tux2live -c to identify what packages are necessary but missed
* Please refer ReuqiredPackage to check necessary package


The follow actions need "super user" privilege

 $ sudo ./tux2live -b
 $ sudo ./tux2live -b --tmpdir /mnt/large_space/tmp --outputdir /mnt/large_space/output -I user01
 $ sudo ./tux2live -b --mkrootfs --mkiso -o my-tux2live-cd.iso

Note :
You only want to update root filesystem of live system and rebuild the iso file if you have done before. Only use " --mkiso" to rebuild iso file if you onlu modify the boot parameter of isolinux. The advantage is system don't have to re-run every procedure from head. Of course , you have to make sure it has no dependency issue for each procedure.

Support Linux Distributions Lists

The follow lists are be tested and work fine under virtual/real machine :

Tux2live live CD/DVD sample:Packaged-CDs


Some live system sample packed vis Tux2live :



Introduction for Tux2live



Mailing Lists

Google Groups

Suggest to search solutions in FAQ first

Change Log


Author would thanks great support by the follow people/organization


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